Of course the suburbs are growing..

Recent news about the suburbs being a hotspot of growth activity are exaggerated.. somewhat.

New reporting of the 2011 Census data is showing a good part of Canada’s population growth over the past five years occurred in the suburbs, and car-driving Conservatives are freaking out in joy. They say this supports their cry that highways should get priority over mass transit.

However that belief is misleading and perhaps delusional.

I could not put it better than Frances Bula has here:


First, what people don’t seem to get is that the central city is never going to grow quite as fast because, guess what people — it’s already filled up with buildings.

Saying that the suburbs are growing is like saying people in their 20s and 30s have more kids than people in their 40s and 50s.


Well said. Then Bula continues with a thought I would not have thought of initially:


But there’s also another error people make locally, which is not factoring in the existing area of a municipality when looking at its growth.


It’s perfectly fine that some people are patting themselves on the back for living in the suburbs, some are quite better than the inner city, but believing that the suburbs should take priority is a recipe for failure.